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Tuesday 16th of April 2024
The good news:

     We have a new valve system that does not plug.

More good news:
     This has allowed us to increase the solids by 33% which means you will get better coverage and a can will last 1/3 longer.

Some bad news:
     Actuators [spray heads or "tips" for short] can always plug. The finer the spray the smaller the orifices and channels in the spray head and therefore the higher the risk of plugging.


The New System
With the new female valve removal and replacement is very easy; just a light pull will remove it. We are supplying extra actuators with your order. For now please look in the box if they are not in the cap.
Tips can be cleaned by soaking in a little shot glass of rubbing alcohol [just the inexpensive less than $1 a bottle type]. Do not attempt to clean with hot water and/or soap.
We will mail spare actuators if you require them.
In the near term we will offer a "Sampler Pack" with 20 actuators of 3 or 4 types for $1 with your order. These will include fast, medium and slow flow rates. Feedback on your preference will be noted but we think the long term solution is to provide a variety of tips and let you make the choice instead of a "one size fits all" approach.

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