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proTHIKTM Questions and Answers For The Styling Professional

How does the professional product, Aquila's proTHIKtm, differ from the mass merchandised products?

proTHIKtm differs significantly in the following ways:

  • Superior Rub-resistance.
  • Single component formulation.(No "Shield" required).
  • Superior Water resistance.
  • Superior overall durability. See Aquila product literature "proTHIKtm; The Professional Product in a New Product Genre."

Why should the customer buy at a salon; they can buy a similar product at Walmart or through TV promotions?

Aside from the marked superiority of the professional product, the Stylist is the single best person to:

  • Select the right candidate.
  • Consult on color or colors.
  • Advise on style, length and cut.
  • Instruct on how to-use-at-home.

Is this new product category here to stay? Does it offer my clients a serious alternative ?

Yes. As long as men continue to suffer from male pattern baldness. Consider the options available to the sufferer prior to the advent of Cosmetic Enhancement*:

  • Wigs or "Hair Systems" and
  • Cosmetic Surgery.

It is not our intent here to condemn these approaches in any way. It must be said, however, that Cosmetic Enhancement is positively the best solution for a large percentage of hair loss victims. Most cosmetic surgeons view that 10-15% of residual hair th at is still growing in the so-called "Baldspot" at the crown, as a useless "Throwaway" piece of flesh. They'll do a "Male-Pattern-Reduction" using a hockey stick pattern or some variation and that piece of your client's scalp will be excised and literally thrown away. No individual should opt for surgery, or even a hair system, without investigating what proTHIKtm and Cosmetic Enhancement can do for him. proTHIK's "Soft Technology" approach is vir tually riskfree; there are no financial, aesthetic or wellness risks! The trade-off may be a little added inconvenience, but the cost-benefit ratio decidedly favors proTHIKtm.

* Cosmetic enhancement as used by proTHIKtm refers to products that disguise the effects of hair loss through the use of removable cosmetic formulations.

What are the characteristics of the ideal candidate?

Three characteristics are common to ideal candidates:

  1. Location of the thin or bald area will be at the crown.
  2. Individual will have a retained growth of 10-15% in that localized area.
  3. Strong peripheral growth surrounding the subject area.

Can proTHIKtm be applied at the frontal hairline?

Not recommended at this time. Application should begin 1/2 " to 1" behind the existing hairline and gradually darken or blend into the crown or vertex area for users who require augmentation in the frontal areas. Note: The "TV Prod uct" is shown applied to the complete top and frontal area in one instance, on a person with next to nothing in the way of supportive peripheral growth. As a professional you would not be satisfied with the cosmetic result. This type of application is akin to a "Bad Toupee" or "Corn Row" transplant; it simply would not be allowed by a truly concerned and professional aesthetician. In addition to the poor cosmetic result, a further complication would be a guaranteed sprinkle of "Dust" on the man's fa ce as the not-too-durable TV product wears off. This "Dusting" would show up within ten minutes of application. Because of its' durability the dusting complication would not be a problem with proTHIKtm however , we suggest that you proceed with caution in the frontal areas and be careful not to raise unrealistic expectations in your client.

Does this not present a very restricted potential 'User Group'?

Cosmetic Enhancement is only right for a limited group; it cannot disguise the effects of hairloss for all sufferers of the condition. That limited group, however, is statistically large and represents a sizable percentage of your male clientele.

So what can I deliver for those in that limited group?

Individuals with vertex thinning, or 85-90% hairloss in patterns as large as 3-4" in diameter will enjoy cosmetic enhancement that renders the former "Baldspot" virtually undetectable. The thickened residual hairs combine with periph eral growth and give the appearance of a full, natural head of hair.

What about working out and other sports activities that cause sweating and perspiring.

proTHIKtm will not readily dissolve when exposed to water or perspiration. One may workout in confidence.

Is any hairstyle better than another when used in conjunction with Cosmetic Enhancement?

Yes. Usually, those that direct the hair back or over the crown make the best use of the "Combining " effect described in Answer 7. Note: We are not advocating that you create a clientbase of "Swoopers," however, you as the stylist ca n recommend tasteful use of peripheral growth and encourage cutting or growing to achieve the desired cosmetic result.

Okay. So it looks good! How does it feel?

The user is unaware of the applied product on his scalp. To the touch it adds a noticeable "Substantiveness" and presents increased combing resistance, as thicker hair should! It is not objectionable and can be modified through the use of hair conditioners. Experience will allow the user to find an optimum equilibrium between control, combability and coverage.

How long does it last?

Shower to shower, or overnight. If the user skips a shower upon rising, usually just a "Touch-up" application will yield satisfactory results.

How about removal? Conditioning?

Virtually any shampoo will suffice. Heavy users may find the periodic use of glycerin soaps or shampoos will be required to effectively remove all proTHIKtm residue. We are intro ducing our own shampoo/remover that will be available shortly; ask for it. The mass merchandised products are conditioner phobic, however proTHIKtm is conditioner compatible and accordingly one may use these products after shampooing to adjust the hair to his own preference.


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