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proTHIKTM Endorsements & Testimonials (These are not up-to-date. Many current testimonials are available at several consumer sites on Hairloss. Links coming soon.)

[1] I thought you might get a kick out of this:

I went to my primary care physician yesterday with intention of getting a prescription for Minoxodil 5%. I had gotten up in the morning and done my normal hair routine which involves me using ProThik to conceal my hair loss.

After a preliminary checkup the doctor asked me what else I wanted to talk about. I said I was interested in the Minox 5% and he actually listened to my little speech. He then promptly informed me I did not have enough hair loss for him to prescribe it.

No matter how much I tried to explain to him that I had a 4 inch diameter balding spot that was covered with ProThik he refused to believe it. The man was digging around in my hair and would have sworn to Jesus I had a full head of hair.

Well I didn't get my prescription for Minox 5% but I pretty happy that a medical doctor can't even detect my hair loss.

Your selling a wonderful product that literally works miracles.

Thank You

[2] INCREDIBLE! Except for one thing. I was sent MBRN color and my hair is BROWN. I think I was sent the wrong color. My name is:#### #########

Please send the right color because this stuff really works! But looks funny when the top of my head looks different from the side of my head.


[3] Hello,

I recently ordered ProTHIK, and am *extremely* happy with the results!

I have been using Ronco GLH9 for 4 yrs. and was mostly happy with the results--it covered my thinning spots well, but was very messy, and the powder residue was noticeable in close-up situations, which has always left me a bit apprehensive. I have tried ##### and one other spray (which was more like spray paint), but nothing came close toGLH9...until now.

I found your product to be far superior--I even reverted back to an old white pillowcase (I started using navy blue so the residue wasn't as noticeable), and am amazed that there is barely any rub-off. I also used to be afraid for anyone to rub their fingers through my hair, but your product stays on my hair and scalp, not on *their* fingers, and doesn't smudge on me. I was also amazed at how well it resists water...getting caught in the rain used to be stressful too. Have you heard of anyone trying to swim with it? I imagine it is not perfect, but may hold up.

Of course, I just ordered a year's supply of GLH9 a month ago, but I will just use that as a backup--I intend to continue using yours.

Thanks so much for a great product...anything that makes my life less stressful and makes me look better is worth its weight in gold!

Sincerely, ######## ########

[4] Hi ProThik,

I have only used the product twice, but I'll have to admit I'm pretty impressed so far. A few marketing suggestions; 1)You might want to think about coming out with a "travel size" for people when they are on a trip/away from home. 2) Men hate the word "bald". Literally it means "lacking hair on the head- Websters Deluxe". Personally, to me bald connotes someone with more than 50% of his hair gone. You might want to rephrase bald to the sexier word "bare" so the can reads from " A colored hair thickener for covering bald spots " to " A colored hair thickener for enhancing thin or bare spots. " This way if someone finds the can it won't be as embarrassing. 3) Your Website seems to discourage hairline use, whereas I think it is the best product I have found for this as long as you still have some hair there. People think my hairline looks thicker and had no idea there is anything there. I hope you find these suggestions useful.

[Reply] Glad it works for you at front hairline. We have found people with almost no hair trying to use it this way and the result is just notacceptable; we do say proceed with caution in frontal areas.

------------> I appreciate your high standards but I was almost turned off when I read the following at your Q&A Website section " Can proTHIKtm be applied at the frontal hairline? >Not recommended at this time.

Application should begin 1/2 " to 1" " I understand your words of caution because you probably won't to avoid a similar stigma associated currently with toupees- hair systems. John over at and Tony at also seem to recommend Prothik for the hairline. As long as you still have some hair there, it seems like an excellent thickener/volumizer.

The more I use the Prothik, the more amazed I am by it. Let me know if I can be of any more help.

I received my order today and have a question. When I ordered the product I thought I checked the medium brown color. The cans I received are labeled Dark Brown with the number 5105 stamped on the bottom of the cans.

I tried the product already and noticed it was a little dark. Besides the color being darker then I wanted, I am already more than pleased with the difference it makes to the thickness of my hair. I've been going through transplant surgery for the past year or so and have a couple more sessions to go, and I have been a big user of *******. In my opinion ******* can't even come close to your product. Prothik is quicker and easier to use and the difference is amazing. I know I'll beusing this product even after my transplants are done, just to enhance my appearance.

Thank you very much.

[5] Hi Jeff,

I am still amazed every time I use ProThik (I have my rubbing alcohol & Q-tips ready for any overspray). It's like getting the look of 1000 grown-out hair transplants grafts in 2 minutes; not that I have had transplants but seen them on others. I get compliments all the time.

[6] Hi Jeff,

My records could be wrong but I don't see a charge from you guys for my order on 3/26, received 4/1. There was that initial color problem but you rectified it immediately and I have subsequently been enormously satisfied if not amazed by ProThik so please charge me. I am indebted to your product at this difficult time (part AGA, part drug-induced loss).

[7] Attn: JeffC

Now that is what I call customer service! As a matter of fact the can you sent me does experience some difficulty dispensing the product evenly. I recently purchased two other cans of your product that do not behave this way so I believe something is wrong with the can in question. I would greatly appreciate a replacement (MDBR).

My experience with your product is that it is far superior to 4 others like it that I have used. Your good faith effort by notifing me of this situation [ NOTE problems with a lot #7****] will only further ensure that I continue to use your product in the future.

[8] Hi ProThik,

comment (Posted to Survey Page) I'm using both products. I'm experimenting with each individually and in combination. I'm using the products to hide larger HT grafts that I had five years ago as well as covering thinning areas. Both work great, though I have a little better luck with the proThik. COUVR'e tends to make the grafts stand out, as it's hard to get the COURVR'e only on the scalp. It tends to stick on the grafts, near the scalp, making them more obvious. I've had pretty good luck nearer the front. I use the proThik to cover the grafted area. In fact lately I've really only been using the proThik. I've seen good results with the newer HT procedures. Unfortunately for me, I didn't choose my doctor as carefully as I should have. I wish I would have had access to alt.baldspot and this web site five years ago. It's been a great relief to find out about COUVR'e and proThik. I thank you for your reviews and providing me with this valuable information.

[9] Just wanted to let you know that I did receive my order a few days ago.

I also wanted to thank you for including the extra can of the black/brown. I have nothing but praise for the way this whole situation was handled. You have secured a customer for life.

Thanks again.

[10] I geniunely appreciate you sending me a sample at no obligation. I did not even call to give you my credit card number and you sent it anyway based on my Email request.

My hair is a little too thin for your product to work effectively, but I thank you again for letting me try it.

[11] Jeff,

Could I get another order sent out using the same Credit Card, address, and product info from my last order?

Though I'm still on my first can of proTHIK, I'd like to get another order. I am amazed at the results I've gotten from proTHIK. I've used several other type products, but only the proTHIK has gotten me where I want to be. Thank you for a great product.

[12] Hi:

My name is *************** I have ordered your product PROTHIK a couple of times in the last two months, the last time I ordered it I purchased 4 cans. I have been very happy with the product and I would like to order another four cans. Thank's again for having such a great product. looking forward to receiving my order real soon.


[14] Hi Jeff,

I am amazed on a daily basis by your product and am about to reorder. I am getting better at applying it the more I use it. The onlything that throws me off is the Greying even though it is easily remedied by regular hairspray but the hairspray makes the hair stiff so I have to stick with the style at that moment, maybe I should find another hairspray (now use Sebastion Spritz-Finishing Spray).

My shampoo (Neutrogena anti-residue) also only do an ok job in removing the prothik/hairspray combo and frequently have to shampoo it more than once a shower to get it all off.

Don't get me wrong I'm Very happily addicted to Prothik but was curious on what to expect from the new products and if you had any advice for making my current habit easier?

[Reply] Shampoo/Remover now available. Removes proTHIK quickly and efficiently.

[15] Hey Jeff,

[16] I just use your product at the first time, and it give me a very good look for my hair, and I am very happy in using it, so I decide to orderthe case of product for $149.95, but how many cans for this case of products? Please let me know, and my information are shown below:

Name: Dickie #######

Address: Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

[Reply] 12 cans to the case.

[17] ProThik really has helped tremendously with restoring my sense of control over this annoying, mundane problem but overwhelming for a 26 yr old former handsome guy who had the confidence to approach any life challenge (especially beautiful women). I think ProThik will enhance any new growth and continue to be the most effective grooming product in my arsenal. When I come across some guys in the Newsgroup looking for doctors in my area I always tell them to try Prothik immediately before the frequently progressive condition continues to depress their outlook. It is definitely the most immediate gratification anyone can try in dealing with this issue. It may sound superficial but I am only being honest when say that I am so much more at ease and content since I found ProThik.

[18] Thanks for letting me know about the status of my order. DKBR is the one I prefer so that will

be fine along with the BR/BK. Just for the heck of it I went out the other day and bought some of the ##### Hair Plus product, and wow what a remarkable difference between your product and theirs. The coverage was horrible, looked terrible and was very difficult to comb through.

Since I've got transplants I don't want to be pulling my hair out of my head. This stuff sure was bad.

Well thanks again for keeping up on the customer relations.

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